Back Office Services

24x7 Customer Care Support

We provide Call Center Solutions across all verticals for SMEs, SMBs, Enterprises, and MNCs. Call Center Solutions tailored to suit your specific needs. Our platform has been integrated with leading CRM, ticketing and analytics solutions for maximum efficiency. We understand the dynamics of your customer relationships and what it takes to keep them engaged. Right from lead generation to retention, you need solutions that revolve around your customers' satisfaction. Our 24x7 Customer Care Service will ensure that your customer's needs are addressed throughout the customer lifecycle. Make business communication seamless, intelligent, cost efficient, and easily available.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of a specific business task, such as payroll, to a third-party service provider. Usually, BPO is implemented as a cost-saving measure for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the marketplace. BPO is often divided into two categories: back office outsourcing which includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing, and front office outsourcing which includes customer-related services such as marketing or tech support.

We provide a total suite of contact center in a professional layer that helps in efficient way of managing data base, right time contacts, increase in Human calls that strives to deliver superior customer interaction with Multimedia Integration and as well maintain business efficiency and employees effectiveness.

Website Maintenance

Instyle Business Solutions gives you complete peace of mind by offering a comprehensive website maintenance service. Forget about having to lose sleep over error-ridden web pages that repel visitors. With us, your website gets the close scrutiny that only a professional service provider can offer.

Website maintenance includes revising, editing text, photos, services, products, etc or enhancing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. How often to update varies greatly from business to business. It can be as little as once every couple of months to as much as daily updating, depending on your needs, whether you're selling products or services, etc.

We make Website Maintenance a simple, stress-free experience. You will be assigned a single contact person who knows you and your project. You won't be shuffled around and have to start at square one explaining your project and needs. We are specialized in providing personalized web maintenance service - That is the reason so many of our clients have been with us long term.

Data Entry

Effective data management is mission critical for every organization. Any issue in terms of quality or delay in data processing hampers customer service & the profitability as well.

Instyle Business Solutions provides timely and accurate Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies. A range of advanced tools and highly experienced team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates. Outsource your data management work to us and focus on your core processes. We ensure complete information security & confidentiality of client's data. With the first assignment irrespective of size or tenure of the project, our emphasis is always on a long term relationship with our clients globally, which has resulted in over 80% of recurring / repeat & referral clients.

Image Processing

Instyle Business Solutions provides document image processing services that suit the needs of diverse clients. By outsourcing your requirements to us, you get access to capabilities that you may not have in-house. The synergy created by expert designers and animators working with sophisticated software ensures that the final output is of a superior quality.

Instyle uses an optimum mix of people and technology to provide image processing services to global clients. By leveraging our capabilities, you can be assured of superior quality services at minimized costs. We act as consultants and provide suggestions that add significant value.